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Here you'll learn some Mergo best practices to manage and maintain your campaign sheets.

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Can I use multiple campaign sheets in a single Google Sheets file?

The ideal setup would be 1 campaign sheet (sheet or tab) for 1 Google Sheets file.  But you can use multiple sheets or tabs in a single Google Sheets file as well (like in our example below).

If you're going to use multiple sheets, you need to Refresh the Mergo sidebar each time you run a campaign on another sheet/tab. This ensures that Mergo is referencing the correct campaign sheet (datasource). To do this, just click the relevant sheet/tab > More actions > Refresh.

Note: By default, Mergo will always reference the 1st sheet/tab of a Google Sheets file as the datasource when the file is first opened. This is why it's important to Refresh the Mergo sidebar each time you move to a different sheet/tab.

Caution: Do not hide a sheet/tab in your Google Sheets file. This may disrupt Mergo's ability to reference the correct datasource and fields (header labels).

Will my campaign keep running if I delete my Sheets?

Your campaign will continue to run only if you removed it (put the campaign sheet file in Google Drive's Trash). But your campaign will stop running when:

  • Campaign sheets that have been in your Drive's Trash for more than 30 days are automatically & permanently deleted by Google. 
  • You click the Empty trash button

💡 Tip: If you only need to stop an ongoing campaign, click the Abort button.

Note:  If you've only removed the campaign sheet, you can restore it from the Trash. Then open Mergo > click Campaign Tracking ReportAbort to stop the campaign.

Can I set several scheduled campaigns from the same spreadsheet?

Yes, you can. You can set up several campaigns per sheet! You can learn more about this here

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