Mergo icon is missing in the side panel

As Mergo is part of the new generation of add-ons, this requires the latest Google update for it to work properly. This update is already available for all Gmail (Personal Google) accounts. But not for all Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) accounts since it's still being rolled out for domains using the default Scheduled Release track.

Because of this, new generation add-ons (like Mergo) are not yet 100% deployed in Google Sheets (* but Mergo is available in Gmail ). Sadly, we don't have any control over Google's update. But we do have suggestions to work around this obstacle

🏢 This article is only for Google Workspace administrators & users.

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Expedite the release-update

The update should be available for all GSuite accounts by the end of April 2021. But you can speed up this process by advising your domain admin to roll out the latest updates using the Rapid Release track.

To change your domain to Rapid Release track:


From the Admin console Home page, go to Account settings > Preferences.


In the Release preferences section, click New features.


Select Rapid release


Click Save.

Use your Gmail (Personal Google) account and set your GSuite account as an alias

While waiting for the latest Google Workspace update, you can start working with Mergo using your Gmail (Personal Google) account by using your Google Workspace email address as an alias*. This way, your recipients will receive your email campaigns as if you were sending it directly from your Google Workspace account. You can learn more about this in our tutorial Set aliases / Send email from a different email address.

Note: An *email alias is a forwarding address, meaning that all emails addressed to your alias (your Google Workspace email) are forwarded to your Gmail (Personal Google) account.