Does Mergo have an API?

Mergo doesn't have a dedicated API, but you can achieve similar results by combining Mergo with Google Forms. Learn more.

There are two approaches to integrating Mergo using Google Forms:

  1. Embedding Google Forms (Easy)

    This method requires no coding. You can simply embed the Google Forms you created into your website. When users fill out the form, Mergo will send emails based on their responses. Learn more.

  2. Code Integration (Advanced)

    While Mergo doesn't offer an API, you can use code to create a new response in Google Forms. The Google Forms API is public, and you can find code samples online that demonstrate how to generate responses programmatically.

Can you help me configure the Advanced option?

The 2nd option is beyond our scope of support.

Disclaimer: There are certain topics that fall beyond Mergo's scope of support (like the advanced topics discussed on this page). However, we can assist you in confirming the optimal functionality of Mergo's systems and help troubleshoot issues (within our support boundaries) that you might encounter.

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