Send Google Forms response notification to your respondents

Mergo has a great feature that lets you send email notifications upon Google Form submissions. Whenever someone submits a form, a new row with his answer will be added to your responses Google Sheets, and Mergo is automatically triggered to process this row and send personalized emails to the respondent.

📊 This feature is available only in our add-ons for Google Sheets.

💎 This is a premium feature.

Note: Only 1 Schedule Delivery option can be used per campaign sheet.

For example, using the Row by row feature together with recurring functionality (via Select hour/date) option is not possible and will cause conflicts.


Open or create a Google Forms > click on the Settings > check Collect email addresses.

Info: This will automatically collect your form respondent’s email address under the Email address column added in your responses Google Sheets.


Go to the Responses tab, and use or create a new spreadsheet as a response destination.


Use your form question titles as {{merge tags}} in your Gmail draft to insert some elements of the respondent’s answers in your email.


Open Mergo from your responses spreadsheet, and set up your campaign.


As your Sheets is linked to a Forms, Mergo is automatically set on the On Form Submit mode. Make sure to select the relevant  Gmail draft and Email Column.


Click the orange SEND ON FORM SUBMIT button. 
Emails will automatically be sent to your respondents after each form submission. 

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