Send personalized email campaigns from Google Sheets

Easily send personalized emails with Mergo to thousands of recipients with just a few clicks! Mergo doesn't require any coding skills and all you need are Google Sheets & Gmail.

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📊 This feature is available only in our add-ons for Google Sheets.

A. Configure your campaign sheet


In Google Sheets, enter all your relevant header-labels.

The first row is dedicated for headers (your own and Mergo's reserved keywords like Merge Status and Merge Date). In our example, we will send an email campaign with the First Name and Last Name of each recipient.

Note: Your campaign sheet must contain at least a recipient column (Email Address in this example). 


Add relevant data for all recipients.

B. Set up your Gmail draft


In Gmail, click the Compose button to create a new email draft.


Include {{merge fields}} to personalize your email campaign. We added {{First Name}} and {{Last Name}} in our example (see our headers with the same header-labels in Step 2). 

Info: Gmail automatically saves your draft each time you modify it.

Note: Remember the Subject used in this draft ("Save the date!"). We will reference this later in the next section.

C. Send your email campaign with Mergo


Go back to Google Sheets to configure Mergo. 

Open Mergo from the side panel > click the Mail Merge menu.


Information related to your campaign is automatically pre-filled by Mergo. 

Choose the relevant draft (1), Email Column, (2) and change the Sender Name (3) as needed.

Remember the draft that we created in Step 4? "Save the date!" (1) is selected here.

Info: Mergo will automatically choose the recently created Gmail draft each time you initialize Mergo. To bypass this, simply select the relevant draft from the Select a Gmail draft dropdown menu (1).


You are now ready to send your campaign - click the SEND EMAILS button.

This is the resulting email that our recipients will receive.
Note that it has the appropriate first and last name.

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