Send personalized email campaigns from Gmail

Easily send a personalized mail merge with Mergo to thousands of recipients with just a few clicks in Gmail. Mergo let's you do everything in Gmail: write your template, list your recipients, send & track. Read this article to learn how to send emails from Gmail.

📊 This feature is available only in our add-ons for Gmail


Open Mergo in Gmail.


Click Mail Merge.


Use the dropdown menu to select the relevant draft.


List your recipients within the Mergo app. 
If you want to send separately your email to a few recipients only, you can directly list the email addresses separated by comma in Mergo sidebar.

Note: Alternatively, you can import your recipient list from Google Sheets or Excel
Use this option if you need to send your email to more than a few people. 

a) To do this, click More actionsImport recipients from Sheets / Excel.

b) Use the file picker to select a Google Sheets or upload an Excel file. 


Click SEND X EMAILS and Mergo will send your emails.

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