Personalize your campaigns with merge tags

Make your recipients feel unique by adding personalized merge tags like {{First Name}} to your email content. Increase your open rates by engaging your recipients using customized subject lines. Follow this tutorial to learn more about this feature.  

Info: Other names for merge tags are placeholders or markers.


Add {{merge tags}} in the body and/or the subject of your Gmail draft. 

To create a merge tag, simply enclose the relevant header label within double-curly braces {{}}. In our example below, we used the {{merge tags}} for the header labels Date, First Name, and Location

  • {{Date}}
  • {{First Name}} 
  • {{Location}}

When we initialize the Mergo process, data from your campaign sheet will replace these merge tags.

Info: Merge tags also works with our Follow-up editor.


Make sure your markers perfectly match your headers in your Google spreadsheet. 

If you write {{date}} in your Gmail draft but you entered {{Date}} in your sheet, Mergo won’t replace this merge field as it is case and space sensitive.

Note: Merge tags are case-sensitive.


Be careful with  extra spaces in your column headers - remove them if there are any.

Note: Merge tags are also space-sensitive.

Info: If you want to check that your merge tags are replaced with correct data, use our preview option and send a test email to yourself before launching your campaign.

That’s it! All your personalized {{merge tags}} have been replaced with data from your campaign sheet.

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