Personalize your campaigns with merge tags

Make your recipients feel unique by adding personalized data tags like {{First Name}} to your email content. Increase their open rates and engagement with custom subject lines. Follow this tutorial to learn more about this feature.  


Add {{merge tags}} in the body and/or the subject of your Gmail draft.
In our example below, we used the {{merge tags}} for Date, First Name, & Location
When we initialize the Mergo process, data from our campaign sheet will replace these merge tags with data from our recipient list.


Make sure your markers perfectly match your headers in your Google spreadsheet.
If you write {{date}} in your Gmail draft but you entered {{Date}} in your sheet, Mergo won’t replace this merge field as it is case and space sensitive.

Note: Merge tags are case-sensitive.


Be careful with extra spaces in your column headers - remove them if there are any.

Note: Merge tags are also space-sensitive.

If you want to check that your merge fields are correctly replaced, use our preview option to send a test email to yourself before launching your campaign.

That’s it! All your personalized {{merge tags}} have been replaced with data from your campaign sheet.