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We'll explore some of the reasons why data from your campaign sheet are not merging properly with your email draft and teach you ways on how to resolve it. 

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Why my merge tags aren’t replaced?

If your merge tags aren’t filled with your campaign sheet data, it might be due to the formatting of your Gmail draft. To avoid this issue: 


Select the relevant {{merge tag}}.


Click ▼ More formatting options.


Click Remove formatting.

You can then preview and send a test email to yourself to make sure that your draft is perfect!

Can I use formatting in my emails?

Definitely! You can change the font, font color, background color, and table color of your email content - including your merge tags. They will still be merged by Mergo while retaining the formatting you used!  {{Merge tag}}

Warning: Be careful when using another editor other than Gmail when creating your template, Make sure that there are no invisible HTML tags that could prevent Mergo from merging your data! To do so, you can simply send an email to yourself, and ensure your tags are merged.

Can I send HTML emails with Mergo?

Yes, you can send HTML-formatted emails with Mergo!

Simply paste your HTML code in a Gmail draft, and set it as Plain text mode. Mergo will then compute your code and replace the merge tags if there are any.

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