Common problems with {{markers}} or {{merge tags}}

Merge tags (also known as markers) allow you to personalize your email campaigns by keeping your customers more engaged. It plays a vital role in your campaign because personalized emails are far more likely to be opened and read - boosting your users' engagement. 

Problems arise when data from your campaign sheet are not merged properly (or at all) to your email draft. We'll explore some of the reasons why this happens and recommend solutions on how to prevent these.

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{{Markers}} used are not an exact match with the label or header in the campaign sheet


There are cases where you copy and paste marker names from one source to another. More often than not, we're also copying the formatting and not just the value. In some cases, invisible HTML tags are pasted and this can break the markers, making Mergo unable to find the linked data to that marker.


  • Select the flawed markers and clear the formatting.
  • Delete extra spaces around the markers.
  • Observe the letter-case & spacing used.

    For example, the header in the campaign sheet says First Name, but the marker used in the email draft says {{FirstName}}, or {{first name}}, or {{First name}}. These will not produce any merged data.

{{Markers}} are merged with the wrong values

This issue is infrequent, but it can happen if you are using a formula in your Sheets that returns a " 0" in a header. Mergo considers a zero in a cell as a value to be skipped. Thus, it can create a shift between your data and the information actually merged. 

In our example below, the marker {{Ref}} will be merged with 1 instead of W-00001 and so on.
To prevent this, we recommend avoiding numbers as column headers. Also, be careful with using formulas (like arrayFormula) that may return "0" as its first value.

Some keywords are reserved and should not be used as markers

Mergo has  reserved keywords that should never be deleted and/or modified to be used as your own headers / labels  (e.g., Merge status was edited to Merge status for July 26). These keywords are:

  • Merge date
  • Merge status

Note: In line with this, avoid using numbers as header labels to prevent errors.

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