Send personalized email campaigns from Google Docs

Easily send a personalized mail merge with Mergo to thousands of recipients with just a few clicks in Google Docs. Use all the layouting and formatting options available to create the perfect newsletter, and send it right away with Mergo!

📊 This feature is available only in our add-ons for Google Docs


Open Mergo in Google Docs.


Click Mail Merge.


List your recipients within the Mergo app. 
If you want to send separately your email to a few recipients only, you can directly list the email addresses separated by comma in Mergo sidebar.

Note: Alternatively, you can import your recipient list from Google Sheets or Excel
Use this option if you need to send your email to more than a few people. 

a) To do this, click More actionsImport recipients from Sheets / Excel.

b) Use the file picker to select a Google Sheets or upload an Excel file. 


Click SEND X EMAILS and Mergo will convert your Google Docs to a beautiful email and send it to your recipients.

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