Use Mergo's Blocked Contacts feature for improved Opt-Out Management

Imagine having absolute control over who receives your emails and ensuring that those who have opted out remain excluded. That's the level of precision Mergo brings to your email communications. Mergo's Blocked Contacts feature empowers you by proactively adding email addresses to your block or exclude contacts. This marks a significant stride towards impeccable, permanent, and failsafe opt-out management, eliminating the possibility of accidental emails to those who've requested to opt-out.

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Use Cases: When should you use this feature?

Someone Opted Out Manually
Have you ever faced a situation where someone politely requested to stop receiving emails from you but they didn't use the unsubscribe link? No problem. Mergo lets you manually add them to the blocked contacts, ensuring compliance with their preferences.
Seamless Transition when Migrating from Another Tool
Are you transitioning from another email tool? If some recipients unsubscribed from the previous platform you were using, effortlessly add them to Mergo's blocked contacts. No complex maneuvers—just a couple of clicks for a centralized and streamlined process.

How to Add Emails to Your Blocked Contacts


Identify, collect, and copy the recipient(s) to Opt-out.


Add Emails to the Blocked Contacts.

Enter the email address(es) you want to block, whether it's a manually opted-out contact or from a previous mail merge app.

A. Click the Mail Merge menu > More actions > Add unsubscribe link > Manage blocked contacts.

B. Paste the email addresses in the Blocked Contacts text field. Make sure to separate each email with a comma.


Click the Add button for the changes to take effect.

Remember, it's all about keeping things smooth and simple. Whether it's a polite request to stop or managing unsubscribed contacts from another tool, Mergo's got you covered. So, next time you need a permanent block, follow these three simple steps.

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