Manage the list of people who unsubscribed to your emails

Our Unsubscribe feature works very subtly (mostly behind the scenes), but it effectively helps you exclude unsubscribed recipients from your email campaign to manage the entire process more efficiently.

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Automatically exclude unsubscribed recipients

The Unsubscribed feature automatically excludes all your unsubscribed recipients from the mailing queue. That is, they won’t be included in your future email campaigns.

This process is initialized when you try to send emails to someone who already clicked the Unsubscribe link (already added to our Unsubscribed database). The next time you attempt to send an email to them, their status changes to Already Unsubscribed - giving the prompt that you attempted to send an email to an already unsubscribed client.

Mergo will then skip all rows that have the Already Unsubscribed status. That is, it will not send emails to rows with this status (since the recipient specified that they didn't want to receive any emails from the sender).

Note: For Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) account users that use multiple email addresses to send email campaigns, the unsubscribed and bounced statuses are dependent on the domain of the sender. Let's use an example to explain further.

Assuming you are using 2 Google accounts to send emails to your marketing list:


One of your recipients unsubscribed from's email.

Later that day, sent another email to that same recipient. will see the ALREADY_UNSUBSCRIBED status for that recipient who already unsubscribed earlier.

The same rule applies to our ALREADY_BOUNCED status.

Unblock (restore) your already unsubscribed & already bounced recipients

You can now easily unblock or restore your already unsubscribed & already bounced recipients. Once the email account is removed from our Unsubscribed/Bounced database, you’ll be able to send them emails again the next time you run a campaign.

There are two ways to restore or unblock your unsubscribed recipients:

A) Via the Campaign Tracking Report page (while viewing the active campaign):


Click the More actions button.


Select Manage blocked contacts.


Press the minus sign (-) beside the relevant email account to remove it from our Already Unsubscribed / Already Bounced database.

B) Via the Add unsubscribe link menu (while inside the Mail Merge Campaign page):


Click the More actions button.


Select Add unsubscribe link.


Click Manage blocked contacts.


Press the minus sign (-) beside the relevant email account to remove it from our Already Unsubscribed / Already Bounced database.

Note: If you don't see a list of emails on your Restoration UI (Blocked contacts), please email us at so we can do this manually for you.

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