Add an unsubscribe link to your emails

Mergo's unsubscribe feature lets your recipients opt out of your emails - helping you reduce the risk of your emails being flagged as spam. Adding an unsubscribe link is also mandatory to stay GDPR compliant.

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Add an unsubscribe link using the Mergo add-on

📊 This feature is available in our add-ons for Google Sheets, Docs, and Gmail


Click the Mail Merge menu.


Then click the More actions button > Add unsubscription link.


Personalize your unsubscribe instruction in the Text to display in emails sent field > click SAVE.


Once the email campaigns are sent, your recipients will receive the email with the personalized unsubscribe link as shown below.

Add an unsubscribe link directly in your Gmail draft


At the bottom of your Gmail draft, add a text like Unsubscribe.


Click the Insert link button.


 Enter in the Web address field > click OK.

Track who unsubscribed from your emails

📊 This feature is available in our add-ons for Google Sheets, Docs, and Gmail

You can view the Campaign Tracking Report on our add-on for Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Gmail.

You'll be able to track how many recipients have unsubscribed.

If a recipient clicks on the unsubscribe link, Mergo will record this information under the Merge status column of your campaign sheet (in Google Sheets). 

Note: When someone clicks the unsubscribe link from your email, Mergo will automatically track it on our add-ons for Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Gmail. Learn more.

Use your own Unsubscribe Redirect Link

🏢 This feature is only available to Google Workspace (GSuite) users with an existing premium (paid) subscription.

If you prefer to use your own unsubscribe redirect link (instead of Mergo's default), send an email to specifying the absolute URL (complete website address) of your unsubscribe page. 

Once processed, your recipients will be redirected to your own unsubscribe page when they click the Unsubscribe link. 

Note: We will process your request within 2 business days.

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