How does Mergo automatically handle recipients who click the unsubscribe link in my email campaigns?

Mergo unsubscribe feature automatically excludes all your unsubscribed recipients from the mailing queue. That is, they won’t be included in your future email campaigns. 

This process is initialized when you try to send emails to someone who already clicked the Unsubscribe link (already added to our Unsubscribed database). The next time you attempt to send an email to them, their status changes to Already Unsubscribed - giving the prompt that you attempted to send an email to an already unsubscribed client.

Mergo will then skip all rows that have the Already Unsubscribed status. That is, it will not send emails to rows with this status (since the recipient specified that they didn't want to receive any emails from the sender).

You will see the details of your campaign metrics and Not Sent emails in the Mergo in the sidebar. You can also manage your unsubscribed recipients directly from the sidebar.

Learn more about this by reading our Enhanced Unsubscribed Features.

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