How to Exclude Specific Recipients from Automated Follow-Up Campaigns

When managing email campaigns, there may be instances where you need to exclude a specific recipient from an automated follow-up. For example, you might want to send a personalized reply to one of the recipients who opened the email but did not respond, instead of the standard automated follow-up message.

To achieve this in Mergo, you can utilize the follow-up feature to target specific groups of recipients based on their interaction with your email. The follow-up options include:

  • Recipients who have not responded
  • Recipients who have not opened
  • All recipients

If your requirements are more precise and you need to exclude certain recipients from the follow-up, you can simply hide the rows corresponding to those recipients in your spreadsheet. Mergo will then automatically exclude hidden rows from the follow-up campaign, allowing you to manually send your custom message to the excluded recipient without interference from the automated process.

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