Troubleshooting 'The API Developer Key is Invalid' Error

When attempting to upload an email list from Google Sheets or a CSV file, some users may encounter the error message 'The API developer key is invalid'. This issue typically arises when the Google Drive file picker does not load correctly, which can be due to various factors such as network or computer restrictions.

To resolve this issue, you can follow these steps:

  • Wait for approximately 5 minutes and attempt the upload again. This ensures that the problem isn't due to a temporary network glitch.
  • If the problem persists, it may be caused by a Chrome extension or a similar tool that's interfering with the 'File Open' dialog. Try disabling any active Chrome extensions that might affect the process.
  • Alternatively, you can use a private/incognito browsing window to avoid any potential conflicts with browser extensions or cache.
  • If none of the above solutions work, consider switching to a different network to rule out any network-related issues.
  • Allow Third Party Cookies on the file-picker pop-up window. You can do so by clicking on the eye icon at the top right corner of you window as shown below :

A screenshot showinf the eye icon that has to be clicked in order to allow third party cookies and resolve this issue

If you continue to experience difficulties after trying these steps, please reach out to our support team for further assistance.

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