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This guide aims to provide you with comprehensive knowledge about your email quota. 

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How many emails can I send each day?

Your daily quota depends on the account type you are using:

  • Personal Gmail account: Up to 500 emails per day 
  • Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) account: Up to 2,000 emails per day per user 

Note: Your individual quota will depend on the number of emails sent using your Gmail (Personal or Workspace). Your quota restores or replenishes after 24 hours. Initially, your quota will be set to 500 (for Personal Gmail) or 2,000 (for Google Workspace) emails daily per user. 

Why do we say *up to? We specify this to set your expectations correctly that although Google sets the quota, there are other factors affecting your limits for the day (which are beyond Mergo). Learn more

For example: You used your Workspace email to send 500 emails to your friends. The next time you check your quota in Mergo, you will only have 1,500 emails left for Mergo to use for the day (2,000 - 500). In this scenario, your quota was lessened - but it was beyond Mergo's scope.

Info: Mergo follows the time zone set in your Google account settings.

Your email quota refreshes every 24 hours. However, the exact time it refreshes can vary and is managed by Google, not Mergo.

How do I check my remaining daily quota?

You can conveniently view your remaining quota via Gmail, Google Sheets, or Docs. Here's how:

  1. Open your relevant campaign sheet
  2. Click on the 'Mail Merge' menu
  3. Your available quota will be visible at the bottom of the Mail Merge page

Why is my quota lower than expected?

There are several factors that could significantly affect your daily quota. We’re going to discuss all of them and recommend ways on how to remedy them. Learn more

Reasons Recommendations
Your Google Workspace account has just been created. You may need to wait up to 14 days to have your maximum daily quota allotment
There are multiple recipients in your Cc and/or Bcc. Multiply this to the number you're sending out. These added recipients will easily consume your quota. Only include Cc and/or Bcc if needed.
Your POP/IMAP is enabled. This can significantly reduce your quota to 100 emails per day - even with a Workspace (GSuite) account. Only enable the POP/IMAP settings if needed.
Gmail's auto-forward feature is enabled. The limit is 20 emails/day and this will count against your daily quota. Only enable the auto-forward feature if needed.
Other 3rd-party apps are using up your quota. Check other apps that uses Gmail services (Mailmeteor, Gmass, YAMM, AutoCrat, ...).

Can I increase my quota?

No, that is the quota set by Google services. You can learn more about this by reading Quotas for Google Services.

What happens if my quota expires during a campaign?

Don't worry if your daily quota runs out in the middle of a campaign. Mergo will periodically check your quota and automatically resume your campaign as soon as your quota refreshes after 24 hours.

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