Why am I getting less quota than expected?

Your daily quota depends on your Google account: up to 500 emails/day for a Gmail account, and 2,000 emails/day for a Google Workspace account. These limits are independent of Mergo: they are enforced directly by Google!

Therefore, some specific parameters can affect this quota - read this article to learn more about that.

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Info: Learn how to check your quota.

You have a new Google Workspace account

When you or your organization starts a paid Google Workspace subscription, there are two key stages before you can use the full email sending quota of 2,000 emails per day. Initially, your account will go through a 14-day free trial. After this trial, you'll enter a warm-up period with a temporary limit of 500 emails per day. Google will then gradually increase your sending limit until it reaches 2,000 emails per day.

To fully access the 2,000 daily email quota, two specific criteria must be satisfied:

  • Your domain must have incurred at least USD 100 in billing, and
  • A minimum of 60 days must have passed since your domain met this billing milestone.

This phased approach aims to ensure a smooth ramp-up in email activity. For any additional details or assistance, please contact Google Workspace Support.

Note: If both conditions are already met but you are still not receiving your full email quota, please contact Google Support and provide the following information:

I attempted to utilize the getRemainingDailyQuota() method in Google Apps Script, and it displayed a result of "100". According to the documentation regarding quota, with my Google Workspace account, it should be showing 1500.

This clearly indicates that my account is still experiencing restrictions. I kindly request the removal of these limitations from my account.


📌 Learn more: Gmail sending limits in Google Workspace

You may be using POP/IMAP with your Google Workspace account

POP/IMAP settings allow you to manage your emails on different email servers by downloading them. For example, you will be able to read Gmail messages in other mail clients, such as Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook. If you use this service, your daily email quota will remain at 100 emails per day, even with a Google Workspace account.

If you don’t really need to read your emails from different devices, we recommend you to disable POP/IMAP:


Open Gmail settings and go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.


Make sure that POP and IMAP are disabled.

Multiple recipients email

If you add multiple recipients in a single email, including people added as cc / bcc, all the emails will be taken into account in your daily quota.

For example, if you have 50 recipients in the To field with 2 recipients in the Carbon Copy field each, it will count as 150 emails sent in your daily quota!

Visit this article to learn more about CC/BCC recipients.

Other applications are using your quota (including Gmail itself)

Your quota is shared among all the other applications/scripts that send emails from your Google account.

If your quota decreases faster than it should, please verify that Mergo is not the only app or extension that sends emails from the same Gmail account (examples of these apps are Mailmeteor, Gmass, YAMM, AutoCrat, ...)..

Note: Your individual quota will depend on the number of emails sent using your Gmail (Personal or Workspace) within the last 24 hours. Initially, your quota will be set to 500 (for Personal Gmail) or 2,000 (for Google Workspace) emails daily per user. 

Why do we say *up to? We specify this to set your expectations correctly that although Google sets the quota, there are other factors affecting your limits for the day (which are beyond Mergo) - all of which are discussed in this article.

For example: You used your Workspace email to send 500 emails to your friends. The next time you check your quota in Mergo, you will only have 1,500 emails left for Mergo to use for the day (2,000 - 500). In this scenario, your quota was lessened - but it was beyond Mergo's scope.

Auto-forward feature enabled

This feature allows you to manage your incoming mail using Gmail’s filters to automatically forward your mail to another account. When enabled, this option decreases your daily quota down to 20 emails/day. Learn more about Gmail sending limits in Google Workspace

To disable auto-forwarding: 


Open Gmail settings and go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.


Select Disable forwarding.

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