Create & Review as Drafts before Sending Emails

Creating drafts for your mail merge campaign allows you to review and send each email individually, ensuring each message is personalized and meets your standards before reaching the recipients. This feature is accessible under specific conditions, primarily the inclusion of {{merge tags}} in your email template. Here's how to make sure the "create drafts" option is available to you:

  1. Check for Merge Tags: Your email template in Gmail must contain at least one {{merge tag}}. These placeholders are replaced with specific data from your Google Sheets during the drafting process. Without merge tags, Mergo assumes the content will be identical for all recipients, and the draft creation option will not be displayed.
  2. Accessing the Feature: With merge tags in your template, the "create drafts" option can be found under the 3 dots (⋮) "More actions" menu within Mergo. It is located under the "Test / preview" menu entry, where you can select to create drafts for your mail merge.

Once selected, Mergo will generate a draft in Gmail for each row in your spreadsheet, marking each with a "DRAFT_CREATED" status and providing a direct link to the draft. You can edit these drafts in Gmail as needed. When you're ready, you can send all drafts by reopening Mergo and clicking on the "Send all drafts" button.

This guide ensures you can utilize Mergo's drafting feature effectively, allowing for a thorough review of each email before sending. If you encounter any issues or have further questions, don't hesitate to reach out for assistance.

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