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Getting Started with Mergo

Mergo is the 1st email campaign tool built on the new-generation of Google add-ons.

Create a Newsletter from Google Docs

Create outstanding templates in Google docs and collaborate with your co-workers.

Send a campaign from Gmail

Use Mergo from Gmail to send an email campaign directly from the Gmail interface.

Mail merge with Gmail & Microsoft Excel

Import your Contact List and use it directly in Mergo.

Create campaigns from Google Docs

Use Google Docs to easily design your email template.

Send recurring reminders with Mergo

Learn how to send yearly, monthly, & weekly reminders.

Receive form responses by email

Receive email notifications upon Google Form submissions.

Send an email to respondents

Send automatic replies to respondents.

Boost your campaign results with follow-up emails

Create impactful and high response rate campaigns with follow-up emails 🚀

Better looking mail merge thanks to Gmail's customizable layouts & Mergo

Create personalized and professional-looking emails with Gmail ⭐

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