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We'll demystify a few of the reasons why there are misleading statuses generated by the Campaign Tracking Tool and show you how to avoid them.

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Why is the Merge status still showing "SENT" even though my recipients already opened their emails? 

Mergo's Campaign Tracking tool works by adding a *tracking pixel within each email you send.  A *tracking pixel is a 1x1 pixel image that is invisible to the recipients, and will only be loaded when the recipient opens the email. When the tracking pixel is loaded, Mergo receives this information and adds it to the open tracking report.

This method is used by other email marketing tools and should be expected to work. But there are reasons why the tracker won't yield the expected result:


The main reason is usually caused by browser tracking blockers (like Ghostery, Privacy Badger, DuckDuckGo, Adblock Plus).

Recommendation: Check if you and your recipients are using any of these. If yes, please try disabling them temporarily (or use Incognito mode or Safe Browsing) so we can isolate the problem.


Sometimes, your browser doesn't have the latest information and only displays a cached version.

Recommendation: Simply refresh the Campaign Tracking tool.
To do this while your relevant campaign sheet is open, click Campaign Tracking Report > Refresh.


Sending an email to a group of people will confuse the tracker. One person may have opened it, but not your intended recipient.

Recommendation: Send individual emails.


You are sending plain text emails - this will prevent any email tracking from coming through.

Recommendation: Send using HTML format. 
In your Gmail draft, click More options > uncheck Plain text mode.

Why am I seeing too many "Opened" or "Clicked" in the Tracking tool?

There will be instances where you (as the campaign sender) will see false-positive open and click rates in the Campaign Tracking tool. When this happens, it could mean that:

  • You opened the email(s) in your Sent folder in Gmail
  • You CCed or BCCed other recipients and they opened the email.
  • Your recipient(s) have an email server that automatically checks all the links and images (as part of their system to check for spam, blocklisted accounts, phishing activities, ...) before your recipient(s) could actually open it themselves.

    Info: Technically, the email that you sent will be opened by their email security system first before your recipient actually reads or opens it.

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