What is a Campaign?

We’ve been using the word campaign a lot in our documentation and email conversations. But what exactly is it? In this article, we will ensure that everyone has an accurate understanding of what a “campaign” is and encourage using the term correctly and consistently.

A campaign is a set of email data residing in a *campaign sheet that was processed by Mergo. More specifically, a campaign is the very act of clicking the Send Email button. When you click the Send Email button, emails are processed by Mergo, and that counts as a single campaign (even if you were just testing on a single email address, it will still count as a campaign). If you added rows with a new set of recipients and you clicked the Send Email button again, that is a separate campaign. 

You can have 1 Google Sheets file containing your *campaign sheet and in that campaign sheet, you can process several campaigns (by clicking the Send Email button on separate instances).
A *campaign sheet is where all the data about your email recipients are saved. 

A single Google Sheets file containing 2 campaign sheets ( Campaign 1 & Campaign 2).
You can learn more about this in our article Can I use multiple campaign sheets in a single Google Sheets file?

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