How to track your campaign

Mergo comes with a powerful tracking tool that measures your email campaign's performance. Want to learn more about tracking metrics? Read this article!

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📊 This feature is available in our add-ons for Google Sheets, Docs, and Gmail.

How to enable or disable the Tracking tool

To enable or disable the Mergo Tracking tool, click the Mail Merge menu > then enable or disable the slider/switch for Track email opened, responded, clicked, or bounced.

Note: The Campaign Tracker is always on by default. Only disable this when necessary.

How to use the Tracking tool in Sheets, Docs, & Gmail

Discover the integrated tracking tool that measures your campaign results helping you improve your next mail merges.


Click the Mergo icon on the side panel.


Select the Campaign tracking reports menu.


Choose the relevant campaign.


 After selecting a specific campaign, it will show the  Campaign tracking report.

    Info: Campaigns are sorted by date, starting with the most recent.

    Here, you will see the breakdown of the Merge status in detail. 


    To track other campaigns while currently reviewing another in Gmail & Google Docs, just click the back button.

    To track other campaigns while currently reviewing another in Google Sheets, click the More actions button (1) > Check previous campaigns (2).


    Info: The Campaign Tracking Report is updated:

    • Automatically every hour.
    • By clicking the Refresh button. 
    • When the campaign sheet is reopened.

    Note: You will get this message if the tracker wasn't activated for a campaign.

Info: If you notice that your emails are being bounced when our campaign tracking report is enabled (but not when disabled), contact our support team. There are instances wherein our tracking features may affect deliverability, so it's essential to reach out for assistance if you encounter any problems.

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