Set aliases and Send email from a different email address (Reply to)

In this article, you will learn how to create and set up an Alias and Reply to for your Google account, and use it to send your campaigns with Mergo.

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Create/Manage your alias

To send emails using an alias with Mergo, you first need to create an alias in your Gmail account. 


In Gmail, click on the top-right gear icon, and select See all settings.


Click the  Accounts and Import tab > Add another email address.(under Send mail as).


Fill out the Name & Email address fields, leave Treat as an alias checked > then click Next Step.

Note: To verify that you own the account you've just added, Google will send you a verification code to that email address.


Click Send Verification.


Click the confirmation link sent to your alias account (or copy & paste the Google confirmation code that was sent). Then click Verify.


Your alias will now appear under your primary account.

Your default address is the one that's currently used to send emails.  
If you want your alias to be the default account, click Make default.

Note: You can manage/delete addresses with the edit info and delete buttons.

Specify your Alias in Mergo

📊 This feature is available in our add-ons for Google Sheets, Docs, and Gmail.

Now that you've successfully created an alias, we will now help you set it up for your next Mergo campaign.


Open Mergo from your sheet and configure your campaign. 
Visit this article to learn how to prepare your first campaign with Mergo. 


Click More actions > Set Alias & Reply to


Select the alias you want to choose with the Alias/From dropdown menu.

Note: The Reply to and Sender name fields will be updated once an alias is chosen.

Info: If you want to set a different Reply-to account, please read the next section.

Specify your Alias in your Gmail draft

After successfully setting up your alias, that new email account will appear in Gmail's From field. You will notice that the From field now has a dropdown menu allowing you to choose between your primary account and your alias account.

Note: The email account selected in Mergo will take precedence over the one chosen as the default in Gmail.

If you selected an alias in your Gmail draft and then configured Mergo to use your primary account, Mergo will bypass your current Gmail settings and your email campaign will be sent using your primary email account selected in Mergo.

Reply to & Aliases

When you set an alias (as shown above), this is who the message is From. This is the address displayed as the From in most mail clients.

If you want your recipients to answer your email to another account than the From one, you can set a different Reply to address with Mergo. 

Open the Set Alias & Reply to menu and specify an address in the field.

In this example, the recipient will receive an email from the address (Alias/From field).

If the recipient clicks on the Reply button, the mail will be addressed to (Reply to).

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