Error: Multiple Account Issues

If you're logged into multiple Google Accounts at the same time, you might have trouble accessing or using Mergo. Multi-login, or being logged into multiple Google Accounts at once, isn't supported for Apps Script, Add-ons (like Mergo), or web apps.

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Why am I getting an error message? 

If you are connected with several accounts in the same Chrome browser, Mergo might try to access your spreadsheet using the wrong account, and you could have one of the following error messages in the sidebar:

  • Mergo is lacking the authorizations needed to run.
  • Multiple accounts issue. Please log out of your account XYZ to use Mergo with the correct account YYY.

To fix this issue, please make sure that you are logged in with a single Google account per Chrome session by trying one of the following solutions: 

A. Use Private Browsing or Incognito mode


Open an incognito window in Google Chrome, or an equivalent private browsing window (press Ctrl + Shift + N on your keyboard).


Log in to the Google Account that has the correct Mergo access you need.

B. Log out of all your Google Accounts 

Then only log in to the one that has the correct Mergo access.


In Google Sheets, click your Google Profile photo - next to the Share button.


Click Sign out of all accounts.

Info: The Default indicated next to your account means that this is your primary account. Please keep this default account in mind, as you'll need it in Step 4.


Click ContinueDelete an account.


Delete all other accounts that are not marked as Default in Step 2.
In our example, the secondary account that we will delete is the one with the purple S as its profile photo.


Log in to your primary account again. Then in Chrome, click your Google Profile photo.


Click Add.


Follow the instructions and log in to the account you removed in Step 4 (or to the account that you’ll use to send email campaigns with Mergo).

Once you’ve completed all those steps, you should be able to use Mergo on the right account without getting the error message anymore.

Note: As a best practice, always make sure that all your accounts are logged in separate Chrome browser sessions as shown from Steps 5 - 7.

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