How to warm up your email account for sending bulk emails

Getting low open rates and automatically being tagged as spam are two of the most common problems we get when starting out with sending bulk emails. We can’t just send out hundreds of emails when starting out with our campaigns. We need proper planning & execution to get the results we want - a high open-rate yield & minimal instances of (and eventually not) being tagged as spam.

Info: This article is intended for people who do professional email marketing.

For those who send mass emails outside of marketing (in a school, office, non-profit setting, ...), skip section A.

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A. Buy a Domain 

Choose a different domain for your email campaign needs so that your main domain (the one you use for your business) is safe from being blacklisted or being tagged as spam. 

B. Configure your G-Suite Account

To make your account as real as possible and to convince the Google algorithm to think that you are an actual person and not a spammer or cold emailer.

⬜ Fill out all relevant fields with real information - making your profile look legitimate.

⬜ Add a Profile Picture to make it seem that you (and your business) are real.

C. Set up your email signature properly

The more seemingly real you are, the more likely the Google algorithm will not tag you as a spammer. Make sure your email signature has these elements:

⬜ Name 

⬜ Job title 

⬜ Company name 

⬜ Email, Website 

⬜ Mailing Address 

⬜ Phone number

D. Sign up for several Newsletters 

This is to make the email address seem real and used regularly. Don’t forget to confirm your email address to ensure getting updates.

E. Send emails to friends & family and have them reply 

Once you get a reply from them and have enough interaction, you can slowly increase the number of emails you’re sending.

F. Start your email campaign small

Since you have a new email account, it’s not yet ready to handle sending bulk emails. You risk getting automatically blocked or tagged as spam this early.

You need to warm up your account by sending to a smaller list of recipients and personalizing your emails by using {{merge tags}} to yield higher open rates and engagement. Sending fewer emails with personalizations will help establish visibility, build a good relationship with those smaller (but critical) people, and improve your reputation as a legitimate business in the process. This also ensures that the internet servers will get more accustomed to your email activities.

After the following steps, you can start to send bigger campaigns.

Note: This process doesn't assure you will avoid being tagged as spam. Please read our tutorial on How to avoid Spam issues to learn more.

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