How to avoid spam issues

Getting your emails manually flagged as spam or blocked by spam filters are inevitable, but you can still reduce the likelihood of getting tagged as spam. By avoiding this, your campaign will yield higher open rates, you will gain more clients, and manage your resources better.

Here are some tips to maximize your campaign efficacy.

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Have the right leads

Your email may be great, your sales pitch perfect, but you're sending your emails to the wrong people. For example, you're pitching for a video commercial and you sent your email campaigns to the head of HR, instead of the head of Marketing. It's important to do your own research first to get the right leads for your products or services. Avoid sending to the wrong people to avoid getting manually tagged as spam by them.

Use an updated (cleansed) recipient list

Use the Mergo Campaign Tracking Report to identify your unengaged audience and scrub your recipient list.

Avoid having too many email bounces (sending emails to non-existent addresses). Just like in having the right leads, good research is important and only include valid leads. If you get a lot of email bounces at the start of your campaign, the Google algorithm will get alerted and will most likely tag you as a spammer. Aim for a bounce rate that is less than 10%.

By removing bounced recipients, you will reduce getting tagged as spam.

Warm up your email account

If you're using a new Google account to send bulk emails, chances are you're sending too many emails too soon. You need to warm up your email account first by sending your campaign to a smaller list of recipients. Learn more.

Content is key

To increase customer engagement & avoid getting automatically tagged as spam:

⬜ Write quality content

⬜ Avoid using a generic and lengthy email

⬜ Use a straightforward subject

⬜ Avoid spammy words and special characters

⬜ Use links & images sparingly

⬜ Do not attach files (documents, presentations, videos) especially on your first email

Have a professional signature and profile picture

You need to make sure that you look like a real & trustable person by providing a good profile photo. If the people you're sending to "sees" that you're a real person, they are more likely to respond to your email - improving the chances of getting your open rate up.

A valid and detailed email signature is important as well and must contain all relevant information about you and your business.

Add a clear unsubscribe link in your email

This allows the user to unsubscribe without clicking on the "Mark as spam" button, which would have consequences on your domain’s reputation.

Note: There is no way to see if your email landed in a specific contact’s inbox or Spam folder after it was delivered. We can only specify if the mail has been opened, responded to, clicked, or bounced.

You can use a mail tester tool such as mail-tester to test the spamminess of your emails, but we can't guarantee its accuracy.

Info: If you notice that your emails are being bounced when our campaign tracking report is enabled (but not when disabled), contact our support team. There are instances wherein our tracking features may affect deliverability, so it's essential to reach out for assistance if you encounter any problems.

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