Schedule recurring email campaigns

Use Mergo to send recurring reminder emails (weekly, monthly, or yearly) to your recipients. For example, send your employees a monthly reminder asking them to submit their expenses for the current month. Or share the week’s special cocktail of your restaurant every Monday to your VIP customers. 

📊 This feature is available only in our add-ons for Google Sheets.

💎 This is a premium feature.

Note: Only 1 Schedule Delivery option can be used per campaign sheet.

For example, using the Row by row feature together with recurring functionality (via Select hour/date) option is not possible and will cause conflicts.


Open Mergo and click the Mail Merge menu.


Click More actions > Schedule delivery > Select hour/date.


Choose the relevant hour and date of the initial campaign, and use the drop down to select the Recurrence: weekly, monthly, or annualy. In our example, the first email will be sent on May 27th at 8 AM, and will repeat monthly. Then click SAVE.


Click the SCHEDULE MAIL MERGE button.

The saved recurring schedule in the Mail Merge page.

Info: To optimize schedule deliveries, make sure that your Spreadsheet's Time zone is configured properly since schedules are dependent on this.

To do this in Google Sheets, go to File > Spreadsheet settings > choose the relevant Time zone (1) > click Save settings (2). 

Note: Your scheduled campaign will not be sent exactly as specified.

It may have a delay of up to 1 hour. This delay is due to Google's trigger events.

For example, if you selected Tomorrow morning 8 AM, the campaign will start tomorrow between 8AM and 9AM.

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