How do I report unauthorized transactions to PayPal?

Note: Mergo uses Paypal and Stripe as its payment gateways. This means that Mergo does not have access to (and will never ask for) your Credit Card or Banking information. Learn more.

It's extremely important to report any suspected instances of fraud. We will discuss the steps you need to take in case you suspect unauthorized transactions on your PayPal account (i.e., you did not authorize the purchase, you did not make the purchase, or you were a victim of identity or credit card theft).

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Change your password & update account details

If you think your account has been compromised: 


Change your PayPal password. 


Update your security questions right away to protect your account (PayPal may limit what you can do on your account until you do so). 


Update any changed information (such as your email address, phone number, or other profile information). 

Report unauthorized activity on your PayPal account

If you notice a transaction that you didn’t authorize on your PayPal, bank, or credit card statement, report it to PayPal right away through their Resolution Center

Note: Before you file a PayPal dispute: 

Check whether a family member or friend used your payment method (PayPal, Credit Card, ...) to make the purchase. 


Go to PayPal's Resolution Center.


Click Report a Problem.


Select the transaction you want to dispute > click Continue.


Select I want to report unauthorized activity > click Continue.


Follow the instructions to finish opening your dispute.

What to expect during PayPal's Dispute Resolution Process?

Once a buyer initiates the dispute resolution process, PayPal holds the money for that transaction until the dispute is resolved. If the dispute cannot be resolved between the buyer and seller, the dispute can be escalated to a claim, then PayPal will investigate and make a ruling. 

Note: During the dispute process, all proceedings will be mediated by PayPal. 

Info: For PayPal-related concerns, please contact PayPal's Helpdesk.

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