How can I transfer my subscription?

This article shows the steps needed to transfer your Mergo subscription ownership to another account (email address).

Info: Only the registered subscriber can request for transfer ownership of a subscription. 

⚠️ If a different email address is used in the email request (not the one registered in the Mergo subscription), authentication procedures will be implemented to ensure account ownership. 

Note: Transfers are only possible if the subscription/license is from a:

  • Gmail account to another Gmail account.
  • Workspace account to another Workspace account. 
  • Workspace account to a Gmail account.

    This means that subscriptions can now be transferred from a Workspace account to a Personal Gmail account. 

    📌 But it is still not possible to transfer subscriptions from a Personal Gmail account to a Workspace account. Learn about our Upgrade/Downgrade process instead.

To transfer your subscription:


Email us at to initiate the transfer process.


Indicate the 2nd email account where you'd like to transfer the subscription to.

Note: Make sure that Mergo is installed on this 2nd email account to guarantee a successful transfer.


Specify the effectivity date of the transfer.

Info: Subscription transfers can only be performed once per month, per account.

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