Deliberate Throttling for Improved Delivery

To optimize the effectiveness of your email campaigns, Mergo employs a sophisticated throttling mechanism. This strategy moderates the email submission speed, enhancing the deliverability of your emails and safeguarding your accounts against being marked as 'spammers' by the email servers of your recipients. The foundation of Mergo's approach is an adaptive throttling setting, a preventative measure tailored to maintain the integrity of your email outreach efforts.

Adaptive Throttling Mechanism

Mergo's initial throttling setting is not one-size-fits-all; it adapts based on several factors, including:

  • The type of email account used ( or Google Workspace account)
  • The volume of emails intended to be sent
  • The performance history of previous email campaigns (e.g., detection of email bounces)
  • ...

Under the default setting, Mergo introduces a deliberate delay of up to 30 seconds between each email. This delay isn't fixed and varies with each email, ensuring a balanced distribution that mimics human-like sending patterns.

Email Dispatch Speed Options

For users who need a more rapid dispatch of their emails and are confident about their status with recipients’ email servers, Mergo offers a solution. By selecting the "SEND FASTER" button, you can override the default speed limit. However, accelerating email send rates should be considered carefully to avoid triggering spam filters.

Standard Email Sending Time Estimation

For a typical account sending a volume just shy of 500 emails, activating throttling ensures a more gradual and strategic dispatch. With throttling activated, sending this number of emails would take slightly less than 2 hours. This time frame is indicative of Mergo's commitment to both efficiency and email deliverability integrity.

Info: If you notice that your emails are being bounced when our campaign tracking report is enabled (but not when disabled), contact our support team. There are instances wherein our tracking features may affect deliverability, so it's essential to reach out for assistance if you encounter any problems.

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