Insert Personalized Images in your Emails

Did you know that you can insert personalized images in your email campaigns? Using images in your email leads to better retention and engagement. But remember to use images sparingly and only to complement your message.

Info: To achieve our goal, we're going to use Google Sheets' built-in image() function.

Note: Supported image formats are PNG, GIF, and JPEG.


Create 2 new columns in your campaign sheet. In our example, we labeled them as URL & Image. Where:

  • URL - website address of where your image is uploaded (column D)
    Important: If the image you want to use is located on Google Drive, make sure to use the following URL format: (where XXX is the Google Drive ID of your image) 
  • Image - this contains the image() function that will reference your image’s URL column (column E)


Click cell E2 then type in =IMAGE(D2). Where  D2 - is the cell of your image’s URL.


Then copy the image() formula to the relevant rows.


Lastly, place the image {{merge tags}} in your Gmail draft.

Here's the resulting email that contains our personalized image.

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