Use an existing template from the Gallery

Creating your email draft doesn’t have to be challenging. Now, you can easily choose an email template to serve as your guide and just fill it out with relevant information. Setting up is fast & simple!

Info: 📊 This feature is available in our add-ons for Google Sheets, Docs, and Gmail.

Note: The Template Gallery is available in our Domain Premium plan.

Use the Template Gallery in Gmail, Sheets, & Docs


Open Mergo (1) > Domain templates (2).


You will see the Templates page containing.

A) Get template as section - allowing you to choose either a Gmail draft or Google Docs output.

B) Preview section.


Use a Gmail draft

Choose this option if you want to start using the default (or available) template(s).


Select Gmail draft.


Click the Preview template.


Your Gmail draft will be generated.
Simply fill it out with relevant content, including {{merge tags}}, if applicable.

Use a Google Docs template

Choose this option if you want to edit or enhance the available template(s).


Select Google Docs.


Click the Preview template.


A new tab will open > click USE TEMPLATE
Your Google Docs template will be generated.


Give your Google Docs Email Template a short (but descriptive) title.


Edit the template by filling it out with your own content, including {{merge tags}}, if applicable.


You can now use your newly created template by following the steps on how to Use a Gmail draft.

Submit a Template

When you click the SUBMIT A NEW TEMPLATE button in Gmail or Google Sheets, you will see this alert:

Templates must be created with Google Docs.
Create your template in Google Docs, then open Mergo from that document to submit as a template.

This is because Mergo needs the layouting power of Google Docs to create an Email Template. Learn how to Add a New Template to the Gallery and Share it with your Colleagues.

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