Integrate your Mergo email campaigns into Salesforce

In this article, we will show you how you can integrate your Mergo email campaigns into your Salesforce environment. Doing this will allow you to view your emails directly in Salesforce. 

This is what our finished Mergo-Salesforce integration will look like.

In this article 

Enable the Email to Salesforce settings 


First, you need to enable the option in your organization's settings. Go to Setup (under the gear icon)


Search for " Email to Salesforce" > click Email to Salesforce from the results below > click Edit.


Check the Active box > click Save.


Click Skip this Step for now.


You've now enabled the Email to Salesforce feature for your organization!


Next, click your Profile > Settings.


Enter " My email to salesforce" in the search bar > click the My Email to Salesforce from the results below.


Enter your Mergo account (the email address you're using with Mergo) in the My Acceptable Email Addresses field.


Choose the relevant Email Associations settings > then click Save.

You’ve now configured everything on Salesforce! 

Note: Copy the email link provided from the alert Your Email to Salesforce address.

Set up your campaign in Mergo 


Follow the steps on how to configure your campaign sheet.


Add a BCC column, then paste the email link you copied from the Y our Email to Salesforce (see Step 9 above) address alert on the appropriate cell.


Click More options (three vertical dots) > Set CC & BCC columns. Learn more.


Choose the column containing your BCC from the BCC drop-down menu.


Follow the steps on how to configure your Mergo campaign, then click the SEND EMAILS button.

And you will now see the email in Mergo-Salesforce integration as shown below.

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