Turn Google Docs into Gmail templates

With Mergo's integration with Google Docs, you can create beautiful email templates, generate the perfect Gmail draft for your next campaign, and edit / collaborate with your co-workers in real-time or asynchronously. And you can do all these using Google Docs alone!

📊 This feature is available only in our add-ons for Google Docs.


In Google Docs, create your desired template (include {{merge tags}} as needed).


Click the Merco icon from the side panel (1) > Convert doc to Gmail draft (2).
Mergo will convert your Google Docs file into a Gmail draft. 


Click  VIEW GMAIL DRAFT to review everything before using it on your campaign. 


This is the resulting draft that Mergo converted.
You can now set up Mergo using this newly created email draft from Google Docs. Learn more

💡 Tip: You need to perform Step 2 after you're done editing or modifying your Google Docs email template. This ensures that you have the updated draft saved in your Gmail. 

Each instance of conversion will create a new draft in Gmail. Meaning: if you clicked the  Convert doc to Gmail draft menu 3x in the course of updating your email template in Docs, you will see 3 separate drafts in Gmail.

Note: The Subject of the email draft will be derived from the title (file name) of your Google Docs file (Newsletter in our example). 
You can modify this in Google Docs or directly in your generated Gmail draft.

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