Why is the Campaign Tracker not working?

Sometimes, Mergo's campaign tracking will stop working all of a sudden. We'll discuss some of the reasons why this happens and how it can be easily prevented. 

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Is Campaign Tracking on? 

Make sure that Campaign Tracking is enabled

Note: The Campaign Tracker is always on by default. Only disable this when necessary.

Are there merged cells?

Are your Merge status cells literally merged with other cells? 

There are instances when the Merge status column is "merged" with another (due to faulty manual entry, programmatic events from your own scripts, ...). 

In our example below, the Merge status column (column C) is "merged" with the Merge date column (column B). When this happens, Mergo is not able to process the rows properly and add the relevant status. 

To avoid this, do a cursory check on your Merge status column first before running Mergo.

Was the Merge status modified or deleted?


  • Edit or delete the Merge status header (e.g., Merge status was edited to Merge status for July 26), or 
  • Edit or delete the Merge status column entries 

Because these are  vital in Mergo's operation. Editing or deleting these will render the Campaign Tracker useless.

Learn more about Mergo's reserved keywords.

Were the internal notes modified or deleted?

Never  edit or delete Mergo's Internal notes because these are vital in Mergo's operation

Mergo creates  internal notes for each row or records of the Merge status & Email columns. 

💡 Tip: If you need to use the same list of recipients, we recommend copying & pasting your recipient list to a new sheet then running Mergo on that new campaign (instead of deleting the internal notes). Learn more.